How to choose the right pads

How to choose the right pads

One size for all is a great tag line to endorse condoms, not sanitary pads. Just like how each individual is different, their individuality along with their body is also different. In much simpler terms, there is a reason why we make different sizes of sanitary napkins for you.


Sanitary napkins are not a luxury but a necessity to maintain menstrual hygiene. The size of a sanitary napkins matters because each woman’s body shape is different, each skin type of unique, and women have a ranging menstrual flow during their period. As per the Sigma Test and Research Centre, 60% of women wear the wrong size of the pad and consequently experience a leak, discomfort, and constant fear of staining their dress. THE FEAR OF LEAKAGE IS REAL along with the restricted movement that comes due to the inappropriate size of the pad between the legs. Now, it is understandable that with a variety of products, brands, and measures available in the market to tackle your periods, we get how difficult it becomes to determine which, of the lot, the right choice is for you. Allow us, we would like to solve that issue for you.

How to choose the right size of PAD?

What is the way to choose the right size of pad to support your activities and outfit, meanwhile bringing you confidence and comfort? We suggest you to identify what you general period flow is, for instance, how much do you bleed on day one compared to day three. This would help you determine which size is more suitable for your flow and how often you will need to change your pad. It is common that some women experience excessive flow during the first three days of their period and then consequently get to moderate or medium flow. For women like that, we suggest you purchase a large size of sanitary napkins, with four wings and a broad bottom to cover you from staining yourself.

It is common to experience fluctuating flow due to changes in your diet, but it is completely normal. We suggest you keep a packet of medium size sanitary napkins for situations like this. Girls, always carry a medium-size pad with you because the only sad thing about the period is that the blood does not wait to say goodbye to escape from your vagina. You know that they bolt right out without any warning, right?

Factors that affect your Choice of right Sanitary Pad

Know your periods: Determine your menstrual cycle and remain prepared according to it. It is simple. Track your period with 7Softindia Pads free period tracker period and identify your period days, ovulation period, ovulation day, and PMS.
Quick absorbency: Those pads are best which absorb better than the rest. The purpose of sanitary pads is to absorb the blood and prevent the cloths from getting blood blots. It is the absorption capacity of the sanitary napkin that ensures its value in your menstrual cycle.
Period Flow: Determine your period flow and then choose a sanitary napkin. For heavy flow, go for four wings, long-slim pads which have a broad hip guard to prevent bloodstain on your back, and for moderate flow, go for a regular pad. Each sanitary pad can do you justice when you are aware of your period flow.
Material: Be very specific about the material you choose for your period. There are two types of pads available in the market; cotton pads and plastic netted pads. Choose whichever as per your preference and skin type to ensure your comfort first. There are pads available in the market for sensitive skin as well, try them in case the suggested two bring you any kind of discomfort; rashes, itchiness.
Choose what allows you to move: Your choice of sanitary pads should be in sync with your daily activities during your period. For instance, if you are an avid runner or an extremely health-conscious woman (great job, by the way) you should wear winged slim pads or choose extra absorbent pads in case you indulge yourself in extra-curricular activities during your period.

Why choose us?

At 7Softindia Pads, we get it. We get that keeping with mood swings, constantly wavering temper, itchiness, rashes, and constant visits to the bathroom it becomes extremely difficult to track your menstrual flow. This is why we bring to you three different sizes of sanitary pads in a single packet. Four wings pad designed specially made to suit and fit the curve of Indian women. The 5-in-1 Anion chip embedded in our sanitary pads neutralizes the period odour while providing you an anti-bacterial benefit. The anionic strip in our pads effectively prevents the duplication and survival of bacteria/viruses which are the prominent causes of vaginitis.

We bring you the benefit of instant absorption at a high wicking rate for you to experience the soft and dry surface of your pad. Our pads are non-toxic; scent-free, ink-free, and made with non-toxic adhesives to bring you the best of comfort and ease to support you through your shark week. Not only this, but we also send you a pH card along with each of our packs for you to self-test your vaginal pH level and determine your vaginal health by yourself. 7Softindia Pads period kit comes with 11 sanitary napkins; 4 for heavy flow, 5 for medium flow, and 2 panty liners to tackle all your menstrual flows; ranging from heavy to medium, and panty liners for light flow along with FREE vaginal pH test kit.

A period is a significant part of a woman’s life and none can deny that. Period.

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