How to choose the right sanitary pad size from 7soft?

Not every woman suffers from bloat or food cravings during her period, but just about every woman has at least one embarrassing story about the time her period leaked. If it was a public leak, the story is probably even more memorable than a typical leak sprung while sleeping. The trickle of blood down your pant leg, ruining your clothes with a noticeable stain, drawing unwanted attention, the feeling that everyone is staring at you, and no exit strategy. A nightmare, isn’t it?

You might give yourself a thousand virtual slaps – you didn’t change your pad in time, your period is just way too heavy, your body hates you… and on and on. But, really, it has nothing to do with you. It’s your pad!

Important factors in determining your perfect fit

Every woman is unique in herself and so is her body’s way of reacting to periods. Your preference is unique because it depends on factors such as skin type, body shape, and flow. Respective priority levels of these factors shape a woman’s choice of sanitary pads. Which sanitary napkin will do justice to their periods differs from one woman to another and hence, the choice is absolutely subjective.

60% of women wear the wrong size pad, thus giving rise to the common misconception that all sanitary pads are the same and they all leak.

The truth, however, is that leak-free period is possible with the right pad coverage. Did you know that pads come in different lengths and front-back coverages to match your specific protection needs? A longer daytime pad (or using a specially designed night time pad) can increase the coverage front to back and reduce leaks. Whether you prefer a sanitary pad with wings or without wings, thick pads or thin pads, or a day or overnight protection, there are several options of pads to choose from to fit your shape and flow. The better the fit, the better the protection.

Also, since your flow is not exactly the same throughout your period, therefore, using the same sanitary napkin for all the days might not seem like the best option. You can choose different sanitary napkins with different absorbencies which can cater to the requirements during your cycle, for both heavy-flow and light-flow days.
Types of Sanitary Pads


A panty liner is akin to a pad or a sanitary napkin, only lighter and thinner and not used to soak up too much of your menstruation or period blood. It can be used to absorb daily vaginal discharge or light menstrual blood flow. Ultra-light panty liners are ideal for everyday comfort, light flow, and mild incontinence.

REGULAR PADS (Pads for Medium Flow)

Regular pads offer medium absorbency, perfect for when your flow isn’t at its heaviest (generally from around day three onward).

SUPER PADS (Pads for Heavy Flow)

Super pads offer high absorbency, perfect for those heavy days (usually the first couple of days of your period).

The need is to understand your body and your period so that you can choose the perfect companion for your cycle.

With 7Softindia Pads, we aim at revolutionizing the way women feel about menstruation and purchasing sanitary pads online in India. Redefining comfort and convenience, we are here to ensure a hassle-free and happy period. Presenting a specially curated pack offering three different sizes for heavy, medium and light flow, all in one packet to last your entire cycle.

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