7 Soft Maxi Cottony Care XXL – 320 mm


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General questions:

1). How often should one change pads?

It is recommended that a pad be changed every 4-6 hours, depending on the flow. If used for 10-12 hours, it could lead to bacterial growth and even infections.

We all bleed differently and we need different absorbency pads for our periods. Check for the sizes that a proposed brand is offering and compare it with alternatives of other brands. There are numerous sizing options available hence don’t settle unless you find the one that suits you.

Once you get hack on the right size for you, you wouldn’t fear leaking or soiling your pants.

Used pads should be wrapped in paper bags and put in closed bins. Avoid using plastic bags for disposal. Pads should never be flushed in the toilet as it clogs drains. They shouldn’t be disposed of without a wrapper as open pads with menstrual blood become a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases. Also, they must be segregated from the rest of the household waste.

Separate bins should be placed in public toilets in schools, colleges, malls, offices, airports, train stations, hospitals, etc. Disposal of waste is a big concern in our country, and we must think of the person who has to segregate the sanitary waste with bare hands from the rest of the garbage.


  • Odour control system to feel fresh the whole day
  • Dry cover helps long-lasting best dry feel.
  • Cool and fresh scent for freshness throughout the day
  • SAP technology for increased absorbency
  • Hygienic and clean all through the day

What Sets 7 Soft Apart ?

Features Ingredients Does Not Contain
Anti Bacterial - No infection, No Irritation, No Allergenic, Long time comfort, day & night use - only in anti bacterial pack Cottony soft cover -only in anti bacterial, cottony & aloe vera pack except ultra dry feel and maxi. Does not contain unhygienic plastics
Cottony Soft Cover- Keeps you in relaxed mood with premium soft cotton feel - only in anti bacterial, cottony & aloe vera pack Dry net cover - keep as it is in all ultra dry feel and maxi except anti bacterial, cottony and aloevera pack. Long last best dry feel
Dry net cover - helps in long last best dry feel. Extra absorbent channel – controls heavy flows pad wetness for long last best dry feel. Long last best dry feel Does not contain water soluble colouring chemicals
Gel Technology - Protects during heavy flow and super absorbent power keeps you clean hygienic, active throughout whole period days. Cotton core with gel technology Unwanted dirt and foreign materials
Perfect wings design- Keeps the pad in place & better protection from side leak with anti-leak lock system Cool & fresh scent and Cool & fresh aloe vera scent in aloe vera pack Oil spits & Chemicals
Odour control system- Cool & fresh scent gives you freshness throughout your period days Premium soft cotton feel -only in anti bacterial, cottony & aloe vera pack except ultra dry feel and maxi. Deodorant or other chemicals
Soft & Discreet, tested by dermatologist, skin friendly Non-toxic adhesive Toxins
Gel technology for extra absorbency Perfect wing design Irritants
Odour control system Neutral pH values
Anti-bacterial chip
Long time comfort
Soft and discreet
Tested by dermatologist

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